Episode 109 – Gold Leafed

Wush & Boon
Episode: 109
Duration: 112:25
Size: 108mb
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Summary: Wush & Boon are back again. Are you sick of us yet? Booney is actually sick from this show. Joey Boots is haunting the time slot. Erik wanted Wush to send him a car to get to Joey’s funeral. Booney talks about meeting Chad. Wush talks about meeting Joey and Jon. Weed is legalized recreationally in Massachusetts. Retarded kid kidnapped by four kids and tortured. Veteran shoots up Ft. Lauderdale airport and claims he was forced by ISIS. Should we just forget about Pizzagate? Gonzo calls in to defend his comments on the Stern Show and the controversial plans behind High Pitch Erik’s new show. Chad calls in to explain his show idea for Erik. Joey Boots Show originally might have been on Howard 101. Wush is growing a respectable beard. The unscrupulous carousel conspiracy. James Franco tries to fuck an underage girl and gets caught. James Franco was also “Gold Leafed” by Abromavich. Katt Williams talks about Hollywood parties and the Illuminati and it ruins his career. Donate to Podtrash.com and keep Wush & Boon in the running for best show ever.

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