Episode 96 – Watkins

Wush & Boon
Episode: 96
Duration: 2:07:59
Size: 123mb
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Summary: Watkins calling in again, Wush meets Robyn’s kids, SauceOnSide goes live for 12 hours, Boon’s mom and sister watches the show, brotherly love, Wush gets his first professional massage and Boon getting jerked off by asians, Watkins performs a new trick, Wush & Boon try to debunk the trick, Booney’s solar powered battery, Booney still hasn’t sent any artwork or beer, Chuck’s Take Conspiracy, Static accuses Boon of making excuses, taking a few callers, Man robs Taxi Driver at gun point in front of cop, Boon starting a D&D group, guy walks into Wush’s apartment unannounced.

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