Episode 54 – Night Crawler

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Episode: 54
Air Date: 08/18/17
Size: 411mb
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* The show moves forward from the recent Podtrash drama.
* Wush exposes Alex Jones “Hot Coffee” as a fake stunt.
* North Korea Backs Down. Kim Jong Un secretly loves America and his missles are nothing more than child toys.
* Hipstering out for old school prank calls vs. millennial prank calls.
* The FACTS regarding Charlottesville Protests. Fuck your conspiracy theories! It boils down to both the alt-left and alt-right being full of mongoloids with no sense of humor.
* Barcelona van attack is the epitome of random terrorism and we need to solve it with absolutes.
* Max calls in and discusses being kicked off Twitter and racial tensions in America.
* Talks about Canada & it’s propensity for being primed for terrorism?
* Wush growing up with corporal punishment and abusive Catholic school nuns.
* What qualifications should an immigrant from a third world country have?
* Chuck From Boston calls in from Mars and fuckin doesn’t know what’s going on there guy!
* Affirmative action is reverse racism. Mindy Kaling disowns her brother Vijay Chokalingam after he writes a book about pretending to be black to get accepted to top medical schools through affirmative action.
* Max and Voitek get into a heated argument over baby mammas and bastards.
* Paulie Shore’s failed career and other people who have experienced Joey Diaz’s Stars of Death.
* FBI investigation into Wu Tang Clan and how hip hop was a perfect self perpetuated cyclical front for the drug trade.
* Floyd Mayweather trying to read.
* Nick Manning and Alex Jones are nothing more than dick pill salesman.
* The most amazing food from Canada and things you can’t get up north.
* Pewdiepie being accused of being an anti-semitic nazi.
* The most bizarre moments from VICE’s documentary on North Korea.
* Wush is proven right about Alex Jones as “coffee thrower” was discovered to be a pro-wrestler/actor.
* Game Of Thrones Season 7 discussions (SPOILER ALERT!)
* Wush’s recipe on what makes a great television show.
* Cutting out negative people from your childhood and running into old friends.
* The battles of chasing a good experience from using weed. How weed ruined The Dark Knight Rises for Wush.
* Business owners that have been fucked out of major ownership stakes and how Howard 101 would be the most realistic acquisition of Podtrash.
* Wush finally switches to a Canadian phone plan. The nonsense of iPhone 7 having global unlocked and GSM unlocked models and people aren’t aware.
* Getting business sponsorship from a local vape shop?
* Peter Popoff being trolled by Wush as he demands his miracle water and keeps getting shitty trinkets. Now sending Jewish trinkets.


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