Episode 27 – Protest the Protests

What Is This
Episode: 27
Duration: 119:37
Size: 115mb
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Summary: Wush broadcasting on Twitch with a new video setup to kick off exciting things to come. All jokes aside! Free speech is being attacked and you SHOULD be concerned, Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart and even pewdiepie is under fire, feedback on the High Pitch Erik Show, let’s protest the protests! Static and RDV call in to debate the topic at hand, Wush projectile vomited after eating a donut, Black Fish documentary may stop you from going to Aquariums and Zoos, Photos smuggled out of North Korea, moving forward with Podtrash. Now that the fear of god is in you and our creative medium is under attack be sure to tune in next week for exciting things in store for future episodes! Street interviews, guests, and more! TUNE IN TO WHAT IS THIS EVERY FRIDAY @ 10PM EST ON PODTRASH & TWITCH.TV!

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