Episode 26 – NoFap

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Episode: 26
Duration: 151:44
Size: 145mb
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Summary: Wush riding solo with a new perspective cam, listening to King Of All Blacks as “Shampoo” on STAR IN THE MORNING, we need a real black man to do a show on Podtrash, the concept of Bullet Journaling and organizing your thoughts on paper, Booney calls in and shows off his pens and brings the show to a screeching halt, Wush jerked off in the bathroom and Robyn found cum on the floor, DARK NET documentary about the #NoFap movement and abstaining from masturbation, what the FUCK is a HYPNO fetish and being sissy?, people that are high on the autism scale are really just misunderstood geniuses, Wush gets knocked out by Tylenol, Milkweed calls in for a Spoiler Junkies segment, the double edged sword of an automated shopping center such as AMAZON GO, Facebook and Twitter have become nothing more than data mining repositories, Steven Crowder gets cuckholded by Joe Rogan, Milo Yiannopoulos on Bill Maher, lets destroy the political system and be individuals! Thank you to everyone who donated during this broadcast and special thanks to Milkweed! CALL 917-477-7701 TO JOIN OUR SHOWS EVERY FRIDAY FROM 10PM-12AM EST ONLY ON PODTRASH.COM AND TWITCH.TV/PODTRASH

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