Episode 24 – Get At Me Dog

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Episode: 24
Duration: 103:04
Size: 99mb
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Summary: Wush is by his lonesome, discussions about the recent rigmarole and trying to understand your fellow man. Can we all just co-exist harmoniously in our own creative outlets and collectively see Podtrash succeed? If you’re not team Podtrash go sell your “wares” elsewhere. Remembering old prank calls from WDM Radio. McDonald’s selling their Big Mac Sperm Sauce. Pork Chop Express and Zach’s eating habits. What is your favorite internet meme, CORAL!?? Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead and Trump’s Inauguration. Were the photos of the Inauguration’s attendance a farcical narrative? The GIGAPIXEL photos tell the TRUUUUTHHH. How Twitch fits into the network and could help expand Podtrash’s reach.

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