Episode 23 – Smartest Car

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Episode: 23
Duration: 157:05
Size: 151mb
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Summary: Wush oversleeps and shows up late, YouTube tagging content deemed as “terrorism”, Linda McMahon designated as Trump’s secretary of small business, the issues with chasing your passions, a guy sets Wush’s car on fire with jumper cables, smart cars should drive dindu carjackers straight to prison, they should also sense if you’re depressed and drive you off a bridge to Third Eye Blind, bitches getting pregnant behind the bleachers, highest earning YouTube stars made $70 million in 2016, Static meets Mini-Me at the Apple store, have you ever heard your parents having sex, South Park finale discussions, Burnesh Women kidnap men to milk them for their semen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is reviving The Walking Dead as ‘Negan’, Mo gets neutered and is recovering, Chucksteak calls in to discuss Booney quitting Chuck’s Take.

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