Episode 22 – Number One

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Episode: 22
Duration: 211:34
Size: 211mb
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Summary: Montreal is cold as fuck, it takes a strong constitution to be a Mexican laborer, buy your Podtrash shirts from the shop and prove that the Jooz Did 9/11, Static’s ex-coworkers from Apple cry over Donald Trump winning and the store delays opening, James Alefantis resembles Dexter when confronting protestors outside of Comet Ping Pong Pizza, Dojo Pizza owner teaches karate and rapes kids to creepy song, when Scared Straight goes a little too far, Pittsburgh Pete’s father Mr.Silverman calls in to deny the allegations of molesting Pete, Pittsburgh Pete is America’s #1 radio caller and calls in to yell over everyone and shits out his father’s wedding band, Chucksteak is America’s #1 Podtrash chat commentator, Chuck is investigating other Pizzerias for child trafficking, how technology is warping the minds of humans, will the latest video games cause Max to have a mental breakdown or has he learned the ways of Zen, is Booney a secret meme champion and epic internet troll?

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