Episode 21 – Pedesta

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Episode: 21
Duration: 179:54
Size: 173mb
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Summary: Discussions about the random Wush & Boon from last week, incarceration on Thanksgiving story and how addiction led to Podtrash, The Rock is in incredibly successful meathead, all religions start out great until some asshole gets ahold of them, Podtrash is really just a religious cult started by Wush and the new t-shirts for sale are just religious garb, Danny From LA requests the shirts be sold in “walrus size”, what does it take to get some Boon’s Farm guy, does back hair make you a man or is it to catch all the gay cum, who would Static most like to shit next to for 24 hours, conversations with Uber/Lyft drivers, whose child will start the 2nd generation of Podtrash radio, Kids React to Metallica, Pittsburgh Pete stalking Robyn on Twitter and Joey Boots calls in to talk about beating the shit out of Pete, Chucksteak and the Comet Pizza conspiracy, Joe Biden wants to fuck little girls because YouTube says so.

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