Episode 20 – Trumped

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Episode: 20
Duration: 151:18
Size: 141mb
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Summary: Donald Trump is our President and the protests are cringe, Static’s old co-host Graphic Napkin calls in and updates us on what he’s been up to and his new move, Wush failed Gym in high school, Zero Day movie about the Columbine shooting, some guy named Dennis or Marvin or Larry calls in and says absolutely nothing of substance, Chucksteak expresses the “most dangerous 70 days” for Donald Trump, Robyn stops Wush from voting for Trump, SWAT teams in the woods near Wush’s apartment and Meth dealer blows up his stove, Robyn’s son’s friend is texting Wush nonstop like a psychopath, RDV is being attacked by a wombat.

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