Episode 19 – Minekampf

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Episode: 19
Duration: 140:23
Size: 135mb
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Summary: Wush rides solo because Static is at a hippie ass “Devotchka” concert, WEINER documentary on Showtime and latest news reveals Anthony Weiner sexting a 15 year old girl could effect Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Donald Trump roasting Hillary Clinton at charity dinner, major voter fraud during audits being completely ignored, Artie Lange on Opie Radio and Howard shutting down the hallways of Sirius when he enters the building, Glenn’s death on The Walking Dead is brutal as hell, Static calls in from the Devotchka concert, Sex “Experts” on The EH Team and Robyn trying to stick a finger in Wush’s asshole, Wush and Robyn talk about playing Minecraft and banning her son’s friend from the game, a drunken call from PatK who has to blow into his car to drive.

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