Episode 18 – Inside Jobber

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Episode: 18
Duration: 171:24
Size: 165mb
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Summary: Static back from his trip to San Fransisco, Ninja Turtles and Mario themed AirBnbs for $30 a night, annoying tourist traps, hippies who hike for 6 months through Appalachian Trail, memberrrr horrible 90s music?!, Artie Lange speaks out about Howard on Opie Radio, major hack effects sites like Twitter and PayPal, talk about the Johnny Knoxville interview, Are You A Hipster test, the Final Presidential Debate review, South Park commentary on internet trolls, street drugs versus pharmaceutical drugs, the Denver Airport and more Presidential debate talk with Chucksteak, 9/11 was an inside jobber, Chucksteak is confused by an iPhone.

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