Episode 15 – Pédé

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Episode: 15
Duration: 195:43
Size: 188mb
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Summary: Relationships and sex, analyzing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, living vicariously through kids, growing up in today’s generation, Static’s sister loves black guys and swatted him as a kid, losing friends from high school, vaping vs. smoking, getting free things from Amazon (use the Amazon widget on Podtrash if you buy anything on Amazon!!!!), Ryan Lever dumpster diving, Australian high school kid sleeps for 27 days outside Apple store for nothing, French guy smashes iPhones at Apple Store, Billybob’s Maxxxwell OC, Fantasy Football, Technical Holocaust, should Wush stay more behind the scenes?, Narcos and Mr. Robot finales, Presidential Debate was like a UFC event, old arcades and the disappointment in nostalgia.

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