Episode 10 – Amazon

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Episode: 10
Duration: 180:11
Size: 173mb
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Summary: Firetalk trolling and rise of the plebs, Booney’s Feelscast, the stresses of a relationship, growing up in a shitty neighborhood, someone tries to troll Wush by patching in an Amazon customer service woman and it actually becomes a 25 minute prank call of epic proportions that almost ends in marriage, Jdummy is flying high on Xannys/Pins/Vodker/Weed and decides to prank Dominos pizza and swaps drug stories, Larry King Now interviews are strange, talking Kanye West and Donald Trump with Matt Denton, StaticIllmatic calls in to discuss his absence and talk about VICE Black Market, Joey Boots talks NY transportation and how to get free parking, possibly a show with Matt Denton and Static to fill in for Chuck’s Take this week.

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