Episode 08 – Blab Hero

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Episode: 08
Duration: 99:41
Size: 95mb
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Summary: Podtrash makes Blab an hero, taking calls from Blab users to get their reaction, Wush waterskiing and almost died while tubing, growing up with iPads versus a Gameboy, renewing a passport is annoying, TV talk with Milkweed, Making a Murderer Brendan Dassey conviction overturned, 19 year old tries to climb Trump Tower and is arrested, Wush goes to therapy for the first time, reacting to being criticized on the radio, Sausage Party movie is gratuitous and stupid, will Wush convert to Judaism and bad circumcisions, Chad defends his uncircumcised penis, Robyn is a fake Jew and going raw vegan, what will it take to make Podtrash successful?

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