Episode 04 – Killed by Death

Ten Yard Fight
Episode: 03
Air Date: 09/24/17
Size: 183mb

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Summary: Ted Trendy & Johnny Five bring you punk rock, football, cinema and ear noise with a side of hangover. Now with 50% extra ill shit!

*Week 2 NFL results, week 3 picks and FFB talk.
*Thursday Night Football still sucks.
*Music Documentary Spotlight: The Decline of Western Civilization II (The Metal Years) w/ Ozzy, WASP, Megadeth, Armored Saint, Motorhead, Lizzy Borden, Odin, Alice Cooper, duck face Poison, Faster Pussycat, Seduce, weird Aerosmith, no makeup KISS. Plus…drugs, booze, sluts and sleazy club owners.
*Necessary Roughness. GO DILLO’S!
*President Donald Camacho proving, in real time, that Idiocracy is real.
*Kaepernick and National Anthem Protests. USA! USA! USA!
*Kobe, LeBron, Magic and the rest of sports Twitter sound off.
*Aaron Hernandez is a criminal with CTE and he’s still a MURDERER!
*#BoycottTheNFL is laughable.
*HPE “heart attack special” LOCK of the week.
*Ozzie footie preview w/ Pippa.
*Free speech for everyone, even if your feelings are hurt.
*JonTheMagicGuy calls and gives a Canadian perspective on American football, protests and North Korea.
*CrazySoutherner calls to discuss Trump, free speech and the NFL.
Ten Yard Fight
Sunday’s – 11am (EST)

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