Episode 67 – The Marathon

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 9/5/2017
Episode: 67
Duration: 306:55
Size: 295MB
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Summary: The show returns after being taken for a spin on the holiday weekend by some Ducklings. Andy is a little late due to some work he had to finish, Jdummy gives Jvoit a call up front to help out until Andy is able to join and provides an awesome clip of an Irish family trying to remove a bat from their kitchen, I also discuss the burning man at “Burning Man”, odd! I then get a call from friend of the show Monotone Matt and he hangs with Jvoit until Andy is able to join, the boys have a good time and when you think things just can’t get any better our other friend Janella gives us a call! We then rock it out into overtime as Andy decides he really needs to eat, also he was waiting for Destiny 2 that was “supposed” to start working on Xbox One @ Midnight EDT 9/6/2017, big surprise it didn’t start working at the time promised, thanks as always Microsoft, you’re the best. After Andy takes off we get a call from Jdummy again and he explains the correct version of how he found “Big Jim/Dave” on Twitter for Janella and Jvoit, we attempt to give the cool dude a call but end up with just being able to leave a voicemail. We leave the night with our favorite sign off – High Fives, Hugs, & Kisses, see you next week (probably) folks!

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