Episode 64 – The Dissathon

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/29/2017
Episode: 64
Duration: 160:24
Size: 154MB
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Summary: We begin with a getting on the air diss, then continue to be dissed repeatedly by Skype (So glad I upgraded it today… Thanks Microsoft). We chat about the dream jvoit had about a trip him and Wush took, the times we’ve had our ass beat as kids and why jvoit won’t put his hands on his kids. We get a checkin from Monotone Matt until Skype decides we aren’t allowed to talk to him anymore, then we get a couple other random calls as Skype will allow (Brian is mad at me cuz even he couldn’t get through). Our buddy GRUSE got lucky and was able to get through and say hello towards the end of the show. And finally we have a call from the newest member of PodTrash Ms. Quinn of @FCRShow fame and now the cohost of “The US EH Team” with the lovely Mrs. Podtrash Robyn! Catch them Wednesday nights starting @ 9pm EST/EDT. Overall it was a good show but Skype decided to be evil, I think everyone needs to update or downgrade or we just need a new solution for speaking to each other all together because it’s just getting out of hand with Skype already. High Fives, Hugs, and Kisses!

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