Episode 61 – MonoTone Holocaust

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 8/11/2017
Episode: 61
Duration: 121:27
Size: 117MB
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Summary: MonoTone Matt was on towards the end of the GonzoShitCock show tonight 8/11/17 and everyone was interested in having MonoTone keep things going in lieu of “What Is This?”, since Wush was ready to hit the sack Jvoit offered to let Matt call his Skype and rock it out live on PodTrash.com for a bit. Matt and Jvoit have 2 hrs of fun convo and is invited to call the Holocaust again this coming Tuesday 8/14/17 between 9pm and 11pm EDT if he desires as Andy and Jvoit settle back in to their new old time slot.

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