Episode 40 – Pre HPE w/Royalty and Cruz!!

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 40
Duration: 89:53
Size: 86MB
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Summary: The Holocaust has mastered the art of software only broadcasting by utilizing 2 pieces of software for Windows and they are … **1=Mixxx and 2=VAC (Virtual Audio Cable)** I’ll write up a how to with all nuanced settings that is required to get as best quality as possible. We do a lil something something before the HPE show kicks off on the eve of fools. An old friend Sir Johan Boonington calls in to discuss a couple hot topics of the day, he sounds fresh and ready to take on the world as he slowly begins to reject technology. Andy calls in several times as he’s “Ubering” about the Bakersfield area, crushing hearts and cream puff tarts!!! All is well for the moment as we enjoy about 90mins with friends. I love you!

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