Episode 37 – Another week of BS ugh

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 37
Duration: 156:47
Size: 150mb
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Summary: Show audio issues are finally down to just jvoit not selecting the right stuff at the right time, no jvoit for the first 5 mins cuz he’s being stupid, sounding much better after we got rid of Andy’s mixer, thank god!!!!! We discuss what gets under our skin, Andy goes on a rant about other shows, and we are joined by Chuck Steak and Robyn now that jvoit has control of the skype call in #, hoo-ray! Then things go south for the last 15 mins as the machine the show is recording from decides it had enough internet for the day and stops accepting packets, just another week for the holocaust, always something wrong, guaranteed! We had a good time and things sounded great besides what you can’t hear.

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