Episode 30 – These Guys Sound Worse Than Ever

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 30
Duration: 73:21
Size: 71Mb
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Summary: Podtrash carousel has had some changes made that has left some members questioning the status or future of the Technical Holocaust, after being explained to Jvoitek by Wush via txt message that it’s in no way a cancellation simply a statement, that statement being “Technical Holocaust” sounds like crap and doesn’t represent Podtrash, therefore only items on the carousel truly sound awesome and move the “Podtrash” brand in a more betterer direction and the Holocaust only hinders. Jvoit & Andy Cruz discuss this most recent development and try to figure out how 128kbps vs another file recorded @ 128kbps “sound” any different. Is this the end of TH? Who knows?!?!??!?!?!

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