Episode 27 – 1 Hour is all You’re Worth!

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 27
Duration: 62:40
Size: 60mb
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Summary: Holocaust returns for another week of jvoit not being in his real apartment yet, it’s all done signed and paid for just need to get cable modem rocking on Wednesday and then next week will be better as freedom will be once again in jvoit’s grasp. Andy got his 4000th Uber rider! Congrats to the Cruz master!!!! We attempt to let Gruse call in but it makes jvoit pull his hair out and and give up, maybe next week we can complete a call. Goodnight all you awesome people, you princess and princesses of podtrash, gods walking among men, you peddlers of power, YOU are the true owners of the Earth.

I love you and bless you with high fives hugs and kisses.

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