Episode 21 – Can I Read You Bro?

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 21
Duration: 160:10
Size: 140mb
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Summary: Andy Cruz is over 5 mins late, unacceptable! He makes up for it by having intuitive and medium, Adela Lavine call in. (http://www.adelalavine.com Twitter = @ADELALAVINE, Periscope = https://www.periscope.tv/AdelaLavine). BillyBob gives her the what for and almost gets her to hang up, she then curses his name. Andy hangs up on Billy and then Andy/Jvoit are polite the rest of the call. She’s pleasant and provides some info on how she does her work. After her call Jdummy, Billybob and JTMG call in to discuss their true feelings as we wrap up the holocaust at approx 2hr40mins.

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