Episode 18 – A Hottie, a Gangster, a Dummy, and a Sister

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 18
Duration: 156:05
Size: 139mb
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Summary: The Technical Holocaust is back after a week off due to an illness for our co host. We are back broadcasting from Mixxx via Shoutcast 1 protocol. Had our first call from Annabelle, the co worker friend of Jvoit, Andy fails to put 2 and 2 together in order to realize who this person is. Got a call right after from Andy’s friend, Sandra, she’s got a love for the more “hard” type of guy if you know what I mean, her and Jdummy have some knife wounds in common. We then get a call from our buddy Jdummy and chit chat about the computer that we are helping Jdummy to fix, and then found that Andy has another computer infected by either Virri/MalWare , both or worse…. He then infected his phone by plugging it into the infected computer, DAMN….He now need needs more help than I can provide over the phone/across the country. Jvoit’s sister then call in and breaks Andy’s heart by letting him know she has a better car so there for she cannot date him….

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