Episode 17 – Another Technical Week

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 17
Duration: 114:18
Size: 109mb
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Summary: The Technical Holocaust is back on Koalasan after the first 10 mins of the show are lost to some probably issue caused in testing shout cast 2 server connection capability. Andy is disappointed that the best 10 mins of radio ever is now lost but he will get over it. Andy claims to have never paid for vagina, Voitek admits to having do nothing but pay for it in more ways than one. Andy hopes still to marry into the Voitek family and just wants 2k per month tax free from Voitek family members and he will be happy. Waiting for Andy to download an ISO to install Windows 7 on one of his PC’s for the last 3 months. Spanks per da listerneden ERABUUUUDDDYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

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