Episode 18 – I See OJ

Spoiler Junkies
Episode: 18
Duration: 2:08:44
Size: 124mb
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Summary: The People vs. OJ Simpson, Bobby Durst, Into The Badlands, Billions, Crouching Tiger on Netflix, The Knick Season 3, Black Sails, Spartacus, Louis C.K. just launched a new show out of nowhere called ‘Horace and Pete’, Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of National Lampoon, The Circus: inside the greatest political show on earth, Vice: Fighting ISIS, Marco Polo SE2, Sean penn plays Andrew jackson in HBO series “American lion”, The prophet, Blood in Blood out, City of God, Batman vs superman?, Dream Thater epic concept double album, The hateful eight, Star Wars, Vinyl 2/14, House of Cards, 11.22.63 2/16 on Hulu, The Get Down.

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