Episode 36 – We Are 88 Percent Oppressed

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 36
Air Date: 10/09/17
Duration: 271:46
Size: 261mb

Summary: Max & Ted invite you to hop on board “the express”, the fastest 2 hours on Podtrash.com. The boys take your calls and talk a variety of hot button issues with zero regards to snowflakes, feelings or mainstream media spin.

*Columbus day is going away.
*Pedophiles in Hollywood.
*American Horror Story episodes 3 & 4.
*Max has to protect his property when a stranger drives into his neighborhood.
*Free speech in 2017.
*The racist song of the week.
*Pirate radio is alive and well.
*DNA & me.
*Frankie MacDonald does his weather report and he’s doing great so far.
*Crazy Southerner calls in to talk being on a college campus as a conservative and racist Duck Tales.
*BillyBob loves planning and talks the future of the US EH Team.
*WushBossMan calls in to confirm what the chat has been saying, we have some technical issues tonight.
*JDummy hangs the second half of the show and talks Trump tax cuts, JOOOOOZ and his Podtrash promotion.

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