Episode 34 – Johnny MAGA: Super Red Pill Edition

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 34
Air Date: 09/18/17
Duration: 205:57
Size: 197mb

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Summary: *MAGA talk.
*Will the wall ever be built?
*America vs. North Korea.
*Convenience store clerks are not to be fucked with.
*Foreigners don’t tip.
*Free Speech and PC culture.
*Red pilled conversion.
*Civil unrest in our country.
*Johnny Benitez @Johnny_MAGA joins us for the second half of the show and talks about being on the front lines at Berkley, defending free speech, making America great again, racism, the alt right, gun rights, the constitution, college campuses, fake news and lots more.
*Frankie “the weather guy” MacDonald gives his report and lets us know that “he loves women so much”.
*Crazy Southerner calls and talks free speech and current events on his college campus.
*Patricia, aka “Tan Mom” says something, translator needed.

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