Episode 33 – The Jews killed Clyde Frog

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 33
Air Date: 09/18/17
Duration: 198:31
Size: 245mb
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Summary: *Max is back in Florida after the Hurricane.
*American Horror Story S7E2.
*DACA, hey now don’t dream, it’s over.
*Amy Schumer is still a fat pig.
*Scrapin’ at the scrapyard and various fights.
*Nazi arm band guy gets knocked out in Seattle.
*Ted’s getting a gun.
*”Racist” banner dropped at Fenway Park.
*The riots in STL and what caused it.
*ESPN reporters comments.
*NFL talk.
*Free Speech and college campuses.
*Nobody wants Killary Clinton or her book.
*People burning their MAGA hats.
*Ronald Reagan is here to help.
*Affirmative action.
*Frankie MacDonald weather report.
*Discussions with BobofromCA, Crazy Southerner, JDummy and George from Miami.

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