Episode 30 – That Extra Bone Advantage

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 30
Air Date: 08/28/17
Duration: 144:19
Size: 138mb
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Summary: Episode 30, who would have thought the establishment would allow this? Max & Ted talk current events and hot button political topics with zero fucks given. Lions and tigers and trannies oh my, skinheads like bowling and 2-tone, the boner destroyer will destroy you, PAD UP YOUR HOLE, the whites vs. the blacks & the sweet science, North Korea says hello again with another nuclear launch party. Calls from Frankie “The Weather Guy” with hurricane advice. Comedian @JTMutt calls in for the second half of the show and talks about Shuli, hosting live comedy shows, organized crime and some funny family history. “Jimmy” calls in at the end of the show for some insight on the Mayweather v. McGregor fight and why certain folks have an advantage with their leg anatomy.

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