Episode 26 – The Jooz is Loose

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 26
Air Date: 07/22/17
Duration: 147:28
Size: 141mb
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Summary: Max & Ted are here for a Saturday show instead of their regular time on Thursday. The guys discuss the possible change of the live show air day and time as well as current events. Detective Nordburg is free again and headed to the golf course, R. Kelly is still raping…errrrrr rapping, Ben Shapiro offers feminazis kid an intern position, Moooooooooooch is a secret handshaking mofo, dead white Minnesota women, adios Chester Bennington and your posh name, plus lots more. No call from Frankie “the weather guy” this week because we are assholes who forgot to tell him about the show time change. Chucksteak called in second part of the show and we discussed the jooz, Aurora anniversary & false flags, our government controlled food and water supply and various other topics.

**Please check our Twitter @porkchoppodcast for upcoming show times as our schedule will be varied the next few months.**

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