Episode 24 – Weaponized Dennis Rodman

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 24
Air Date: 07/06/17
Duration: 120:48
Size: 116mb
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Summary: PCE 24 is here, and just like a case of brews, we’re sure to get you drunk. (Red pill drunk) Max & Ted cover the gambit of current topics and take calls from the listeners. Chris Christie is a whale of an asshole, Canadian gender fluid doesn’t wash out so easy, the Jenner whores are still whores, CNN done fucked up again, Meme War II, Lawrence Taylor got sacked and a bunch of other random foolishness. Warning, there is way too much cock talk this episode. Frankie “the weather guy” called in with an awful connection but still gave his usual report. #beprepared Comedian J.T. Mutt called with a crappy connection to discuss possibly working with The Rev. Bob Levy and told an interesting Shuli story. RDV called in, clear as a dingo, and said G’day.

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