Episode 23 – Imagine No Communists

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 23
Air Date: 06/29/17
Duration: 138:31
Size: 132mb
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Summary: The Pork Chop Express is pulling into the station and you better have your ticket punched because freeloaders will be executed, Burton style. Max & Ted talk a wide variety of current topics and take calls from the Podtrash community. Yoko Ono has lost her damn mind, anal botox is a thing, Bill Cosby is still a creep, a prison guard passes out and the inmates save him, best prison movies of all time, weekly trump roundup, this week in snowflakes and much more. Calls from Frankie “the weather guy” and the famous Chucksteak stops by for the end of the show to discuss politics, protesters, antifa and all kinds of ill shit.

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