Episode 12 – Chucksteak and the Spiders from Mars

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 12
Air Date: 04/13/17
Duration: 255:54
Size: 246mb
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Summary: If you don’t want to get run over, stay off the fucking tracks because the PCE is coming through. Max, Zach & Ted discuss various current topics including United Airlines seating policy, gay concentration camps in Russia, Charlie Murphy, J Geils, Syria, Afghanistan as well as the usual tomfoolery regarding booze and marijuana. The Podtrash rumor mill is in full swing as Ted mentions that John The Magic Guy has received a cease & desist letter from High Pitch Eric, as revealed on the new Neil Thomas morning show. John Booney calls a few times to yell at Zach and talk about not supporting evil corporations. Frankie “the weather guy” gives his usual charged report. Dave from the 408 drops his thoughts about Joey Boots, heroin and addiction. We don’t take calls from pedos, so Honest Frank is disconnected asap. Chucksteak & Jdummy hang out for an extended show and discuss drinking, drugging, snakes, spiders and all kinds of random shit.

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