Episode 04 – Feminazi Yahtzee

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 04
Duration: 135:16
Size: 129mb
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Summary: The PCE has been going steady for 1 month and we celebrate in the usual fashion discussing music, national news and intoxication. Bloody tampons at Planned Parenthood, Guns’n’Roses, Pedo Sandusky, Ted’s dumpster diving stories as well as Zach talking Phish and Russian subs outside his door. Numerous friends called to say hello, including Tan Mom who talked about a variety of subjects, and her disappointment in Max for not being single. Bobo from California called to discuss ride share stories from Lyft & Uber, including an almost hookup with a transvestite, as well as if a hand job from a woman (who turns out to be a guy) is a gay act. Frankie “the weather guy” called and the storm was so bad he was almost carried away. Chad from STL called in and had the shortest call in Podtrash history, C’est la vie.

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