Party Line – Episode 12

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 09/09/2017
Episode: 12
Duration: 113:05
Size: 109mb
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Summary: On this week’s Party Line the girls watch another video from the couple that made it possible for Robyn to finger Wush up his ass it is. This time, they’re teaching us how to have a 3some! Which, in case you missed it, involves a stool and frequent bathroom breaks. Robyn gives Krystal permission to join her and Wush in the bedroom for a heated eye gazing session. Watching this couple reminds Robyn of another nut ball so they watch his video and witnessed what happens when fruititarians go hood. Somehow, this leads to a girl with fish, a talking Chihuahua, & it becomes obvious that Robyn watches some weird ass shit. Robyn gets word that her planning flip through video hit 50 views! We watch said video in, which, Robyn doxes herself repeatedly and Mo Mo the ‘insert’ puppy steals the spotlight. Finally, Robyn attempts AND SUCCEEDS Krystal’s first and last watermelon crush make
-up tutorial This secures K’s new position as a Guru. Just ask Billy Bob, he joined the girls at the end. As always, thank YOU for tuning in and we’ll see you next week, same time and same 4 channels. SMOOCHIES HOOCHIES!

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