Episode 44 – Purple Stink Berries

The Eh Team
Episode: 44
Air Date: 06/14/17
Size: 153mb
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Summary: Another fun episode. Rdv called in about his haemorrhoid adventures. Billybob sat in for most of the show. He and Robyn discussed juicing and living a plant based diet. Wush takes hour long dumps. Jon’s online dating adventures continue. Mark the lawyer called in and Robyn may have a new job. Wush closes the show belting out some Sinatra.

Episode 51 – Time Flys When You’re Getting Dissed

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 6/12/2017
Episode: 51
Duration: 116:26
Size: 112MB
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Summary: On a special Holocaust we talk about jvoit’s lay off. We take a call from jvoit’s buddy Britt, and we get a very very “special” call from one of the Podtrash Elite – Juanbon!!!!!! We then end at approx 2 hrs because Britt just can’t take it anymore, thanks everyone for tuning in.

Party Line – Episode 08

Podtrash Party Line
Episode: 08
Duration: 292:13
Size: 284mb
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Summary: The Party Line takes your unsolicited calls on a Saturday night. Chat with your favorite people all night long.

Episode 20 – Comey Chameleon

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 20
Air Date: 06/08/17
Duration: 155:33
Size: 117mb
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Summary: Max & Ted keep on truckin’ for another Thursday night party with booze, greens and the PCE. It’s a two man show moving forward and the guys don’t skip a beat while talking current events and taking calls. Bill Cosby loves Brass Monkey, Bill Maher is a house nigga, mispelled porn of the U.S.A., London’s burning, bed bug terrorism, Hank Jr. Returns to Monday Night Football, James Comey pub crawl, Multi Death Corporations and a lot more. Calls from Frankie “the weather guy”, Blake from L.A., RDV and Chucksteak.

Episode 44 – Dylan Montayne

What Is This
Episode: 44
Air Date: 06/09/17
Size: 210mb
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Summary: Responding to HPE claiming Wush talked shit about him and refusing to do his show, discussing the upcoming Dylan Montayne interview, YouTube Star Dylan Montayne calls in and talks about his experiences going viral, StaticIllmatic joins for the rest of the show to talk “All Eyez On Me” Tupac Movie, James Comey Testimoney vindicates Trump but leaves a nasty shit stain, Wush shows off and recommends his new wireless headphones, would you ever have sex with a tranny if she was really convincing? Weird stories of doctors checking your balls. What we learn from our fathers. AS ALWAYS THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO LISTENED, DONATED, AND FOLLOWED! TUNE IN EVERY FRIDAY @ 10PM EST ON PODTRASH & FOLLOW US ON TWITCH.TV/PODTRASH

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Episode 03 – F The Haters

The GonzoShitCock Show
Episode: 3
Air Date: 06/09/17
Duration: 93:44
Size: 92mb
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Summary: Serial Killer Jack co-hosts the first hour. Gonzo re-caps his and HPE’s trip to Atlanta. Ass Napkin Ed blocks Gonzo on twitter and disappears as co-host. HPE calls in to say “F the haters”.

Episode 13 – Podtrash Got Talent

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 06/08/2017
Episode: 13
Duration: 84:42
Size: 122MB
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Summary: Comey is testifying and the world is fascinated. But Neil is losing his interest, so he checks out some congressman who take no shit. JTMG calls in and the guys listen to some amazing performances from everyones favorite summer show AGT. Neil wonders if this chic who is deaf is actually talented or just appreciated because she can’t hear. The guys decide its impressive but she isn’t gods gift to singing. Everyone sounds good on a Ukulele, its every retards favorite prop.

Episode 55 – Limbinal Minds

Chuck’s Take
Air Date: 5/20/2017
Episode: 55
Duration: 106:37
Size: 109MB
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Summary: Through all the ages of antiquity graffiti never changes: It’s always been drawings of giant dicks. “Attention pig” Kathy Griffin is transcending into her final form: a mix between a bird, a lion, and Rocky Dennis. A modern day take on the mythical “griffin” and more terrifying than ever. The boys are joined by red-pilled friend of the show “Mad Dog Maxxx”. [*TRIGGER WARNING* Three straight, white, conservative leaning American males having a conversation] Want to graduate from Harvard with honors? It’s simple: grab some free recording software off the internet and make a shitty rap album. All “Liminal Minded” Pod Trashers listen to Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST

Episode 43 – Video Explosion

The Eh Team
Episode: 43
Air Date: 06/07/17
Size: 110mb
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Summary: Podtrash… then Twitch. Now the world. The EH Team debuts on two more platforms, YouTube and periscope. RDV called in and told us about the music of the 90’s concert he attended. Terrorism, and foot fetishes. Bobo called in and judged jon for his smoking, and talked about his weird, borderline gay, sexual adventures. Jon’s online adventures. Robyn has ear issues, and ice cream dreams. And Jon belts one out to close the show.

Episode 50 – Welcome to Thunder Dome

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 6/5/2017
Episode: 50
Duration: 116:43
Size: 112MB
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Summary: The Holocaust returns with Jvoit on the run and some spicy news regarding the most recent week of fun on PodTrash from the Cruz master. We get a call from our favorite convict descendant from the future RDV who loves him some HR Puff N’ Stuff. Miss Krystal calls in to give us all the juicy tid-bits of her insane life and we end with Jvoit needing to run to meet his partner. You don’t wanna miss it! Check it out to hear all the crazy news!