Episode 61 – Popping Off

What Is This
Episode: 61
Air Date: 10/06/17
Size: 140mb

* Are we jaded to mass shootings?
* Comparing the University of Texas Sniper to the Las Vegas Shootings.
* JDummy calls in to discuss his potential surgery and expresses his hatred.
* Movie theaters are useless and Paramount Network is the start of their demise.
* Wush loves the new Apple TV 4K and gives it a review.
* Working on making Twitch a less politically correct platform that is usable.
* Ass Napkin Ed calls in and has no idea what’s going on.
* Ed discusses the Vegas Shooting and gets all conspiratorial.
* Federal prosecutors reveal a thwarted ISIS attack and the arrest of 3 men.
* Wush dissects a sounder of swine and explains the issue of having patience.
* Professional panhandler makes over $100,000 a year with a wheelchair.
* Wush is signing a blood contract with Satan and denounces Peter Popoff.


Episode 19 – New Mic and a New Woman

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 19
Air Date: 10/06/17
Duration: 135:23
Size: 130mb

Summary: Gonzo has a new mic and discusses the recent events that went down in Vegas. Ass Napkin has been banned from Twitter for a racially charged tirade towards an NBA player. Serial Killer Jack is in Vegas meeting up with an old friend. High Pitch Erik plans on shedding his breasts while Ass Napkin Ed is cashing in on his. Gonzo voices his concerns over Erik’s health and discusses his upcoming interview with Dr. Drew.

Episode 35 – Black MAGA, MAGA Black

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 35
Air Date: 10/01/17
Duration: 168:43
Size: 197mb

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Summary: Get on board or get run over because PCE is here and we are not taking any prisoners. Max & Ted cover a variety of topics and take your calls with special guests R.C. Maxwell (@blackhannity) & Johnny Benitez (@Johnny_MAGA). It’s a double Maxwell, extra MAGA episode, so listen up and take the red pill.

*Free Speech
*2nd Amendment
*Building the wall
*Las Vegas shooting
*College campuses in 2017
*Conspiracy Theories
100% Free Speech Radio
Pork Chop Express
Monday’s, 8pm EST, Podtrash.com

Episode 05 – Exhibit E

The Monotone Matt Experiment
Episode: 05
Air Date: 10/05/17
Size: 138mb
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Summary: Matt takes your calls live from his studio. Studio apartment.

Episode 70 – The Misunderstanding heard round the world

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 9/26/2017
Episode: 70
Duration: 134:02
Size: 128MB

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Summary: Arguing of the highest level, Max is the star of the show without joining. We talk about expected time table responses from wush of approx 72hrs. We end with everyone mad at each other because they are’t being the bestest that each other require, things seem to not have changed and I doubt they ever will. Thanks for listening. This show has been posted to show the reality of the current situation and to stop the conjecture of what might have happened, if you listen this is what had happened and nothing else. I hope we can heal from this point and all grow as people. I love you all.

Episode 01 – Down In Flames

Miami Comics
Episode: 01
Air Date: 10/01/17
Duration: 165:42
Size: 159mb

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Summary: JT plays “Hey Gruse” and blows up the billboard top 100! JDummy plays Guess that Position and Wins. Jeff Lutz helps us with the voice Over work. The gang talks about comedy which they know nothing about. Dan Bell Pisses, eats and washes dishes on air. Dan brings on a friend who fucked his girlfriend. J Hou talks about fucking trees in Cuba and brings us the news. J also inquires about cannibalism. Mike D gives us the Weather for NY Cali and Boca, Also, Movie Review of Kingsman: The Golden Circle and his inspiring words of mumbled wisdom.

Episode 60 – Miracle Sperm Water

What Is This
Episode: 60
Air Date: 09/29/17
Size: 320mb

* Monotone Matt sits in for the show.
* High Pitch Erik’s live stream has been located.
* Matt agrees to get fucked in the ass buy a guy for $100,000 on PPV.
* Wush is refusing to stream on Twitch until he speaks to an administrator.
* Matt versus Wush Freestyle Battle
* Wush drinks Peter Popoff’s Semen Miracle Water for a financial miracle.
* Peter Popoff calls in and confirms that he will uphold the contract.
* Why weed smokers should start vaping.
* Woman pretending to be Ted Cruz does a porno.
* The insane 15% sales tax in Canada and the iPhone X will cost $1450 CAD.
* Stop talking about the drugs you do.
* Wush tells a story about having sex with a friend’s sister as a teenager.
* Wush & Matt serenade the plebs with karaoke.
* Music your parents loved that you used to hate.


Episode 18 – Gonzo’s Back

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 18
Air Date: 09/29/17
Duration: 131:12
Size: 129mb

Summary: Gonzo returns to his own show with a new computer but a shitty mic. Chuck from Boston calls in to discuss accusations he’s a racist. Serial Killer Jack adds Gonzo to his will. Monotone Matt calls in to claim he’s not the pipe bomber from his local town, even though the suspect sketch matches his face. Dr. Drew interviews High Pitch. Serial Killer Jack talks about being a landlord in the ghetto of Chicago.

Episode 04 – Exhibit D

The Monotone Matt Experiment
Episode: 04
Air Date: 09/28/17
Size: 138mb
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Summary: Monotone Matt takes your live calls from his studio apartment and may just serenade you with an original tune. It’s untold what may happen during this show. But the experiment continues.

Episode 06 – Video Killed The Video Star

Podtrash Party Line
Air Date: 09/20/2017
Episode: 06
Duration: 82:36
Size: 81mb
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Summary: Billybob didn’t write a synopsis because he hates me. No video this time.