Episode 14 – No Callers Please

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 06/15/2017
Episode: 14
Duration: 84:42
Size: 122MB
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Summary: Things are heating up and a huge heatwave is coming to Sacramento, Bobo feels fat and for some reason wants to forgive Chad. He got a new job and starts next week so the show will be moving to a new time slot. Neil talks about Summer TV shows and Corrine from the Bachelor’s platinum Vagine. We then check out some new music to confirm it still does indeed suck. Rosie O’Donnel then follows us on twitter after asking her to call in… she responded to the DM’s saying she will call in! Bobo then realizes its been a year since he saw a vagina in person and laments for any woman to help break the streak. Will you make the ultimate donation to a pod trash host?

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