Episode 11 – Gay Bubble-Baths & Pop

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/26/2017
Episode: 11
Duration: 115:41
Size: 166MB
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Summary: We dive into the weird circumstances around Chris Cornell’s death. He was fucking with the lights in his house and freaked his wife out before hanging himself with a beautiful little noose. Big revelation when Neil admits that he took a bath with a buddy back in high school, but claims that it was all because of ecstasy and wasn’t a gay act at all. Gender fluidity irks Neil and he goes into a rant of things he hates, like the metric system and calling soda “pop”. Andy Cruz calls in to defend his diet of ARCO gas station food, and gives us a tip that you can get free food using a scratcher loyalty program. New music as its a new Friday, and Katy Perry has a new almost pornographic song. Everyone has to ice their boners. Finally we hear about the trip to SF to see Dave Attell and the aggravation of trying to print tickets from Ticketmaster. Its 2017 make it available on mobile you crooks. Another Friday another fun show!

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