Episode 10 – Flat Earth

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/25/2017
Episode: 10
Duration: 92:55
Size: 133MB

Summary: Neil is fascinated with the flatearthers and takes us into the crazy world of anti-spherism. Theres even a convention happening and he offers to send someone to go check it out, JTMG calls in to throw his hat into the ring. After a rant about his show not being featured on the podtrash carousel and on iTunes Robyn calls in to fulfill her duty as the VP of HR. Jon insists that Neil needs to be punished but victory is coming and the show will be added to the carousel soon. More crazy shit when a congressman attacks a reporter. He must of been sick of fake news. Finally Neil talks about a cool new movie on Bernie Madoff, and reveals he is a big Madoff fan. Odd choice of words or freudian slip? Who knows.

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