Episode 09 – Gas Station Weight Loss

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/19/2017
Episode: 09
Duration: 103:03
Size: 148MB

Summary: Some dumb bitch got botulism from eating nacho cheese from a gas station. Might be a good weight loss method. Who really eats food from a gas station? Bobo thinks its a great new form of natural selection. We then listen to some new music since its Friday, and surprise surprise it sucks. Miley Cyrus apparently got sober, and is really hot but her new music is just lame. Shocker. New day, new Trump scandal. Dave from the 408 spits some fire about Trump supporters refusing to get off the sinking ship. Anthony Weiners dick got him in more trouble and he had to plead guilty. Who’s dick hasn’t gotten them in trouble, right? Kick back with a killer Friday show from Bobo.

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  1. This podcast feed is only available when subscribed to the general podtrash RSS feed. You can get it nowhere else! You cannot even find it when you search directly for Neil Thomas. Exactly what sort of shitty horse fuckery is this?

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