Episode 07 – Coffee Enemas

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/14/2017
Episode: 07
Duration: 129:51
Size: 186MB

Summary: New week same drama with HPE, no surprise here and Bobo reminds us its the same story as 2 months ago. New music from PSY and Blink 182 get listened to which remind us that music is now dead, but we can now listen to Oldie stations to hear the music we like because we are old. Bobo then talks about Aaron Hernandez and his suicide making him an innocent man because of stupid laws. In a major revelation Robyn calls in to remind us that she used to be a huge coffee enema fan. She claims that shooting coffee up her asshole and talking about it is what brought her and Wush together but she isn’t sure if it really is healthy. Krystal calls in from the middle of a hurricane to wonder if dark coffee stains ur asshole, and we couldn’t get a clear answer. Will coffee enemas and colonics become the norm at podtrash or just make people throw up?

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