Episode 05 – Coffee Enemas and Cigarettes

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/05/2017
Episode: 05
Duration: 94:24
Size: 135MB

Summary: Millenials are annoying. Bobo’s brain stopped working from his green drink diet and got into an accident while driving for Uber and had to try and replace something on his car. He then went to Home Depot to try and fix his car and watched a girl wait for her drug dealer. He then called his uncle on air who told us about his business and the problems with smoking. After offering to ship cartons of cigarettes to podtrashers they talked about Trump and Paul Ryan giving eachother handjobs. More #fakenews when Bobo claims JTMG was going to do a magic show for Robyn’s daughters birthday. JTMG calls in to set the story straight, because Robyn cancelled because of a puking catastrophe of epic proportions. Will HPE sue Podtrash? Dave from the 408 gave us a live update from Vegas and tells how Erik turned on him also. Lastly its Masturbation May, and Bobo tells us that TENGA will donate money to charity each time you fap. #noFap? or #doITinMay We suggest you fap on.

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