Episode 04 – The Cure For Aids

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 5/04/2017
Episode: 04
Duration: 63:26
Size: 91MB

Summary: Bobo didn’t go to jury duty… he claims he forgot but the Podtrash police will be making an arrest soon! Huge news from North Korea: they’ve found the cure for AIDS! Is there a reason we should be afraid of people who believe in Unicorns? TrumpCare was passed in Congress and Bobo thinks were all gonna die but most importantly Tump is a huge cuck. Bobo then announces he’s going on a crazy diet and will soon be shooting coffee enemas up his ass. Is this why he has so much phlem and has to keep clearing his throat? Will he win Janellas heart in the love trice with JizzMasterZero? Well he claims hes trying to get healthier, but he’s probably just too poor to buy real food.

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