Episode 02 – Sour Shoes

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 4/19/2017
Episode: 02
Duration: 157:15
Size: 226MB

Summary: Neil had a wild weekend with HPE in New York, but nothing got him as pissed off as listening to F-List Celebrity wannabe Elisa Jordan shit on Wush. He talked about people who can’t communicate in real life and have no friends hiding behind services like Rabbit, and Blab, and played clips from Elisa pathetically yelling over Wush trying to have a conversation. Wush joins in to add his two cents, after the break Sour Shoes calls into the program. What a guest Sour Shoes was; he graced us with the presence of “George Takai”, “Gary Dell’Abate”, “Tom Hanks”, “Wendy the Retard”… he went nuts. Then we get a look into the world of Sour Shoes as he starts making prank calls. We get to listen in while he calls Shuli Egar, and goes on a 10 minute rant slipping in and out of characters and being an overall EPIC phone caller. After Sour’s epic appearance the boys take a dive into the darker side of life with the Facebook Killer.

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