Episode 103 – Final Show

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 103
Duration: 70:42
Size: 94mb
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Summary: Joey doesn’t show up for the show and Gonzo, Max, and High Pitch Erik host the show in his place and express some concern. People speculate on what may have happened. Eventually a caller “BoboFromCA” bribes High Pitch Erik with a free pizza if he unblocks him on Twitter and also takes the phone upstairs and knocks on Joey’s apartment door while on air. Erik complies but there’s no response no matter how hard he knocks, and Joey’s phone can be heard ringing through the door. Erik gets off the phone but calls back shortly after and breaks the news that he got the building manager to perform a wellness check on Joey and found him slumped over his chair with no pulse. It’s a baffling turn of events. The Joey Boots Show was the beacon of Podtrash and a big reason why this place was so unique. We loved Joey, as complicated as he was, and our thoughts go out to his family.

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