Episode 57 – PizzaGate OWWIE

Chuck’s Take
Air Date: 6/02/2017
Episode: 57
Duration: 74:32
Size: 71MB
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Chuck Version: Show starts with annoying new sound effects Booney uses to assure Chuck to be discouraged. Murderous Joe Scarborough and the crushed skull of Lori Klausutis. Angela Merkel sends free speech back to the dark ages. Skype is a steaming pile of shit. Despite our collective efforts Prince Philip is living large on the blood of orphans. Our friend PizzaGate Howie calls in literally minutes after leaving the E.R. for having his head caved in by 6 ANTIFA cowards to speak of his ordeal and the upcoming vigil for Seth Rich. Booney interrupts with one of the worst jokes I’ve ever heard and abruptly ended the show to go to the bar. I don’t know what next week will bring but this could be the end of Chuck’s Take. Thanks again Howie! (Booney’s Version: Booney reminds Chuck that if he’s not happy with his contributions to the show, he will gladly leave.)

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