Episode 55 – Limbinal Minds

Chuck’s Take
Air Date: 5/20/2017
Episode: 55
Duration: 106:37
Size: 109MB
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Summary: Through all the ages of antiquity graffiti never changes: It’s always been drawings of giant dicks. “Attention pig” Kathy Griffin is transcending into her final form: a mix between a bird, a lion, and Rocky Dennis. A modern day take on the mythical “griffin” and more terrifying than ever. The boys are joined by red-pilled friend of the show “Mad Dog Maxxx”. [*TRIGGER WARNING* Three straight, white, conservative leaning American males having a conversation] Want to graduate from Harvard with honors? It’s simple: grab some free recording software off the internet and make a shitty rap album. All “Liminal Minded” Pod Trashers listen to Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST

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