Episode 54 – Psychic Attack

Chuck’s Take
Air Date: 5/28/2017
Episode: 54
Duration: 114:23
Size: 109MB
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Summary: The boys are joined by independent researcher and truth seeker “PizzaGate Howie”, who has been tunneling the cavernous rabbit-hole of the alleged global child sex/trafficking rings run by the elites. Booney takes a back seat and plays goofy SFX, while the REAL red-pilled theorists tell it like it is. The boy’s ponder life’s little, fleeting “gumdrops & lollipops”. Chuck recounts the time when he received a Trump like “MAGA handshake”. His lily white, soft “Macron like” hand was crushed like a lunch-sized bag of Doritos. Chuck again reaches out to the listeners to participate in a psychic attack; in which they try to kill his various enemies with negative energy. EVERYTHING! is a false-flag, fake news trick by the Globalist Elites! (Accept of course “Chuck’s Take”; which you can listen to LIVE! every Sunday night at 9:00PM EST only at PodTrash.com)

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